The Mid-State Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC) offers mentoring for childcare programs, preschool programs, UPK, Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  Our mentoring is grounded in the belief that children with disabilities belong in community-based settings alongside their more typically developing peers. For this to happen successfully, teaching professionals must receive support in their efforts to create and sustain environments in which all children thrive. These individuals are an important constant in the lives of children and serve as critical links to families.

Our mentoring projects:

ECDC Inclusion Project:
We look at the IEPs/IFSPs of the children in the classroom and work with the teaching team to incorporate the individual child’s goals into daily routines, lessons and activities of the classroom and to accommodate their needs throughout each aspect of the day. We also work with the teaching team to learn to recognize red flags of development, to incorporate assessment into their program, and to further understand the referral and special education process for infants, toddlers and preschool children.

ECDC Challenging Behavior Project:
We work with the teaching team to understand the roots of children’s behaviors, work on teacher’s self awareness, and foster positive relationships and classroom management strategies to promote success and learning for all children in the classroom. This project utilizes the modules and professional trainings outlined in the Challenging Behavior Series.

As part of our mentoring process, we will come and observe the classroom and discuss the current struggles or areas in which the team needs support.  We will  collaboratively make a plan of areas to work on and work in the classroom to offer support, encouragement, and instruction. Sometimes the mentoring process can be relatively short-term, a few visits. Otherwise, ECDC staff may work for a number of months within the same classroom to assist to bring staff to a level of success and sustainment. In both projects, ECDC staff assist teachers with their skills in communicating with and building relationships with families.

If you would like to see how we can help your program with mentoring, please contact us at 315-443-4444.


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