The Mid-State Central Early Childhood Direction Center is maintaining a list of all 4410 programs and evaluators in its nine-county region with their current status for evaluation timelines and service openings.
This important information is being made available for parents and CPSE Chairs so they will know the timeframes for evaluations and services. This information provides a valuable resource in our community and helps meet the required timeframes for CPSE evaluations and for the timely delivery of services for qualified children as identified by state regulations.
**NOTE: The information provided on this website is volunteered by agencies serving the community.**

CountyEvaluation OpeningsService Openings
CayugaEvaluation Openings Service Openings
CortlandEvaluation OpeningsService Openings
Onondaga Evaluation OpeningsService Openings
Oswego Evaluation OpeningsService Openings
SenecaEvaluation OpeningsService Openings
TompkinsEvaluation OpeningsService Openings


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