The Mid-State Early Childhood Direction Center was fortunate to participate in a grant with Child Care Solutions to evaluate supports for young children in Onondaga County around social emotional development and mental health needs.  As part of this grant, we created a directory of mental health providers that serve young children, birth through age 8, in Onondaga County.  We also created a mental health screening tool for child care providers.  Lastly, we created a guide to respond to challenging behaviors and preventing expulsion from child care programs. Below,  you will see the link to the screening tool, the guide and the provider list.  If you know of other agencies that should be represented on the Mental Health Provider List, please email us at  Lastly, we encourage other agencies to link to this page rather than to the specific documents so that was as the information is updated, your clients will have access to the most accurate information.

Mental Health Screening Tool

Guide to Responding to Challenging Behaviors and Preventing Expulsion from Child Care Programs

Mental Health Provider List

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